Gourmet gift baskets of tasty gourmet foods are our specialty.  Any size or style is available within an hour's notice.  Try one of our special gift baskets, or create your own from the many gourmet items we carry.  All items can be shipped UPS overnight or second day air or FedEx (with the exception of frozen hors d'oeuvres).

Just a taste of what we offer:

Specialty Pâtés: Truffle Mousse, Campagne, Canard à l'Orange, Mousse Poivre Noir, Mousse au Foie Gras, Three Vegetable Terrine

Seasonal Pâtés: Venison, Wild boar.

Caviar:  (according to market)   Ossetra, Sevruga, American Sturgeon, Stromluga of Iceland, Salmon Roe, and Foie Gras.

Our own homemade cheese spreads:   Horseradish Cheddar, Port Wine Cheddar, Garlic and Herbs, Low-fat Sundried Tomato, Roquefort, Crab Spread, Black Olive and Hot Pepper Spread.

Frozen Packages of Hors d'oeuvres: (by the dozen)  Spanikopita (Spinach & Feta) triangles, Broccoli/Mushroom Quiche, Sundried Tomato Quiche, Artichoke Phyllo, Portabella Mushroom Quiche, Shrimp Puffs, Escargots in Brioche, Spinach & Feta Quiche, Brie & Raspberry Phyllo, Gourmet Weiners in a Puff

Breads from Howard’s of Chester every day, Bread & Chocolate Bakery of Hamden on Fridays and Saturdays and also Fabled Foods of Deep River.

Unique lines of Olive Oils, Vinegars, Salad Dressings, Jams, Condiments, Teas, Chocolates, Cookies, Biscotti, Pastas, Sauces and other gourmet treats.   Many of those hard-to-find items recipes may call for or suggest.

Other specialties:  Smoked Salmon, Sopressata, California Dry Salamis, Crème Fraîche, Chicken, Andouille and Chorizo Sausages, cheese tortas with sundried tomato and pesto or blue cheese and hazelnuts, Duck Sausages, Duck Bacon Wild boar bacon and saucisson, Nitrate-free salamis, Venison medallions, Tasso, Magret duck, Smoked duck breast, Chorizo, etc


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